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February 11, 1967

The Experience performance at Blue Moon in Cheltenham.

1967 Live Performance Blue Moon Cheltenham february 11 Gloucestershire Live the experience United Kingdom

March 01, 1967

The Experience perform at The Orchid Ballroom in Surrey.

1967 Live Performance Live March March 1 Purley Surrey the experience The Orchid Ballroom United Kindom

March 04, 1967

The Experience perform as part of the “Law Society Graduation Ball” for the Faculté de Droit d’Assas at Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II, where they are supported by The Pretty Things.

1967 Live Performance Faculté de Droit d'Assas France Île-de-France Law Society Graduation Ball Live March March 4 Paris the experience The Pretty Things Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II

March 05, 1967

The Experience travel to Belgium and perform at Twenty Club in Mouscron, Hainut. After the show they drive south back into France for a performance in Lens that evening.
Set List: (partial) Killing Floor // Hey Joe // Like A Rolling Stone // Wild Thing

1967 Live Performance Belgium Hainaut Live March March 5 Mouscron the experience Twenty Club

March 05, 1967

Following an afternoon performance in Mouscron, Belgium, The Experience drive south to Lens, France where they perform at Twenty Club.
Set List: (partial) Wild Thing

1967 Live Performance France Lens Nord-Pas-de-Calais Live March March 5 Twenty Club