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March 16, 1967

During the Track Records Launch Party, Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Beat Instrumental. Eric Clapton who is also in attendance sits down and joins Hendrix in the interview.

1967 Beat Instrumental City of Westminster Eric Clapton interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix London March March 16 The Speakeasy Track Records Launch Party United Kingdom

March 04, 1968

Redding and Mitch Mitchell fly to Nassau (The Bahamas), while Hendrix returns to New York. In the evening, he jams with Eric Clapton at The Scene Club.

Band Eric Clapton Mitch Mitchell Redding the scene club

June 15, 1968

Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton join Hendrix during a jam session at the Scene Club, New York.

Eric Clapton Jeff Beck Live new york Scene Club

December 10, 1968

Mitch Mitchell joins John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton, The Who, Jethro Tull, Taj Mahall, Marianne Faithfull and several others for the Rolling Stones’ “Rock & Roll Circus” at the BBC’s Wembley Studios in London. Mitchell joins The Dirty Mac on their performance of “Yer Blues.”

Eric Clapton Events Jethro Tull John Lennon Marianne Faithfull Mitch Mitchell Taj Mahall The Who Yoko Ono

December 12, 1968

Wembley Studios London, England Yer Blues Mitch Mitchell joined John Lennon, Keith Richards, and Eric Clapton to take part in the Rolling Stones Great Rock & Roll Circus television special. The group, which Lennon dubbed the Dirty Mac, performed a version of “Yer Blues”. This legendary recording remained unreleased for more than two decades before ABKCO Records released the program on CD and home video.

1968 ABKCO Records December 12 Dirty Mac England Eric Clapton John Lennon Keith Richards London Mitch Mitchell Recording Rolling Stones Great Rock & Roll Circus television special unreleased Wembley Studios Yer Blues