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February 12, 1967

Photographer Bernard Wagner completes a photo session with Jimi Hendrix outside of his apartment at 34 Montagu Square on Marylebone.

1967 Bernard Wagner City of Westminster February february 12 London Marylebone Montagu Square Personal Photo Session Photographer United Kingdom

February 12, 1967

The Jimi Hendrix Experience perform at the Sinking Ship Clubland in Stockport.

1967 Cheshire February february 12 Live live performance Sinking Ship Clubland Stockport United Kingdom

February 12, 1968

The Experience fly to Seattle, Washington, Hendrix’s hometown. A press reception is held at the home of Hendrix’s father Al.

1968 Al Hendrix february 12 fly hometown Media press conference press reception Seattle the experience washington

February 12, 1968

The band plays at the Center Arena, supported by Soft Machine. Afterwards, Hendrix returns to his father’s home to spend the evening with family and friends, while Mitch and Noel spend the night at the Olympic Hotel.

1968 Center Arena Events february 12 Mitch Noel olympic hotel Soft Machine

February 12, 1970

Back at the Record Plant, additional rough mixes of “Izabella” plus “Sky Blues Today” were completed. The mix of “Izabella” was considered the master.

1970 february 12 Izabella Recording rough mixes Sky Blues Today the Record Plant