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February 15, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Kevin Swift for the March issue of Beat Instrumental and the February 25th edition of Record Mirror Jimi is also interviewed by Albert Bokslag and Cees Mentink for the February 25th edition of Kink.

1967 34 Montagu Square City of Westminster February February 15 interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Jimi's Apartment London Marylebone United Kingdom

February 15, 1967

The Jimi Hendrix Experience perform at The Dorothy Ballroom in Cambridge.

1967 Cambridge Cambridgeshire February February 15 Live live performance The Dorothy Ballroom The Jimi Hendrix Experience United Kingdom

February 15, 1968

February 15, 1968 Soft Machine, The Moving Sidewalks, and Neal Ford and the Fanatics open for The Experience at the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio, Texas.

1968 Events February February 15 municipal auditorium Neal Ford san antonio Soft Machine texas the Fanatics The Moving Sidewalks

February 15, 1970

A master mix for “Sky Blues Today” was achieved during the session at the Records Plant. This master, coupled with “Izabella” from the session on the 12th would later be released (April 13, 1970) on the short-run single “Stepping Stone” b/w “Izabella” (Reprise Records, 0905)

1970 April 13 February 15 Izabella master mix Recording Reprise Records Sky Blues Today Stepping Stone the Records Plant