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May 18, 1968

Supported by the Mothers of Invention, Arthur Brown, Blue Cheer and John Lee Hooker, The Experience perform two shows at the Miami Pop Festival in Hallendale, Florida. Among the songs performed during the second show include “Foxey Lady,” “Fire,” “Hear My Train A Comin’,” and “Purple Haze.” Eddie Kramer was flown down to Miami to record the group’s performance for posterity. Although recordings were made, the second day’s cancellation threw the promoters into bankruptcy. Both audio and film footage (ABC-TV) of the event was seized, their whereabouts remain a mystery.

Arthur Brown Blue Cheer Fire Florida Foxey Lady Hallendale hear my train a comin' John Lee Hooker Live Miami Pop Festival Mothers of Invention the experience

May 20, 1968

Hendrix reportedly jams with Noel Redding, Frank Zappa, Arthur Brown, Steve Paul and Jimmy Carl Black at the Wreck Bar in the Castaways Hotel in Miami, Florida during the early morning hours. Redding boards a plane to return to London later that day.

Arthur Brown Castaways Hotel Florida Frank Zappa Jimmy Carl Black Miami Noel Redding Recording Steve Paul Wreck Bar

May 23, 1968

Hendrix arrives at the Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy after flying from Miami, Florida (by-way of New York). Daniela Cohen of Ciao 2001 photographs Jimi and Noel sitting on the grass outside the Windsor Hotel. Although scheduled to perform two shows at the Piper Club in Milan, the first show is cancelled because Italian customs officials delay the Experience’s gear at the airport. The second show proceeds with a more than two thousand people trying to gain admission to the show.

Daniela Cohen Florida Italy Live Malpensa Airport Miami Milan

August 18, 1968

Supported by Eire Apparent and Soft Machine, the Experience perform a single set at Curtis Hixton Hall in Tampa, Florida.

Curtis Hixton Hall Eire Apparent Florida Live Soft Machine Tampa

August 18, 1968

Radio spot promoting The Experience’s August 18, 1968 concert in Tampa, FL

Jimi Hendrix Radio Promo 08/18/0968 by jimihendrixrootmusic

1968 August 18 Curtis Hixon Hall FL Florida Jimi Hendrix Media Radio Promo Tampa

November 22, 1968

With support from Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys, The Experience perform at the Jacksonville Coliseum in Jacksonville, Florida.

All Night Newsboys Cat Mother Florida Jacksonville Jacksonville Coliseum Live perform the experience

November 23, 1968

The Experience complete a show at Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa, Florida. They are supported once again by Cat Mother & the All Night Newboys. One of Hendrix’s favorite spots for jamming in New York City—Steve Paul’s The Scene club—is offered up for sale in Rolling Stone magazine. The asking price — $100,000.

All Night Newboys Curtis Hixon Hall Florida Live Rolling Stone magazine Tampa the experience

November 24, 1968

Supported by Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys, The Experience play at Miami Beach, Florida’s Convention Hall. Afterwards, the group fly back to New York City where they move into the Panngarden Hotel next to Madison Square Garden in midtown-Manhattan.

All Night Newsboys Cat Mother Convention Hall Florida Live Miami Beach the experience

July 05, 1970

The Experience perform two shows at Miami Jai Alai Fronton in Miami, Florida.

Florida Live Miami Miami Jai Alai Fronton perform the experience

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