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May 18, 1968

Supported by the Mothers of Invention, Arthur Brown, Blue Cheer and John Lee Hooker, The Experience perform two shows at the Miami Pop Festival in Hallendale, Florida. Among the songs performed during the second show include “Foxey Lady,” “Fire,” “Hear My Train A Comin’,” and “Purple Haze.” Eddie Kramer was flown down to Miami to record the group’s performance for posterity. Although recordings were made, the second day’s cancellation threw the promoters into bankruptcy. Both audio and film footage (ABC-TV) of the event was seized, their whereabouts remain a mystery.

Arthur Brown Blue Cheer Fire Florida Foxey Lady Hallendale hear my train a comin' John Lee Hooker Live Miami Pop Festival Mothers of Invention the experience

October 10, 1968

October 10, 1968 Winterland Ballroom San Francisco, California Two Shows 1st Show: Are You Experienced Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Red House Foxey Lady Like A Rolling Stone Star Spangled Banner Purple Haze 2nd Show: Tax Free Lover Man Sunshine Of Your Love Hear My Train A Comin’ Killing Floor Hey Joe Star Spangled Banner Purple Haze

1968 Are You Experienced California Foxey Lady hear my train a comin' hey joe jack cassidy jefferson airplane killing floor like a rolling stone Live lover man October 10 Purple Haze Red House San Francisco Star Spangled Banner sunshine of your love tax free Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Winterland Ballroom

November 28, 1968

November 28, 1968 Philharmonic Hall New York, N.Y. Two Shows 1st Show: Fire I Don’t Live Today Hear My Train A Comin’ Spanish Castle Magic Foxey Lady Red House Sunshine Of Your Love Purple Haze

1968 electronic thanksgiving Fire Foxey Lady hear my train a comin' i don't live today Live new york New York City November 28 Philharmonic Hall Purple Haze Red House spanish castle magic sunshine of your love

January 08, 1969

London, England Jimi grants an interview to Keith Altham that will be broadcast on the January 18 BBC Radio program Seen And Heard. Jimi then leaves to fly to Gothenburg, Sweden. Lorensberg Circus Gothenburg, Sweden Two Shows with Gin House Blues and Burning Red Ivanhoe 1st Show: Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Foxey Lady Sunshine Of Your Love I Don’t Live Today Hear My Train A Comin’ Spanish Castle Magic Purple Haze Star Spangled Banner

England Foxey Lady hear my train a comin' i don't live today interview Keith Altham Live London Purple Haze spanish castle magic Star Spangled Banner sunshine of your love Voodoo Child

April 02, 1969

Olmstead Studios, New York Studio Recording 1) Jam 2) Hear My Train A’ Comin’ 3) Ezy Ryder

Ezy Ryder hear my train a comin' Jam New York. Studio Recording Olmstead Studios Recording

April 12, 1969

Spectrum, Philadelphia With Fat Mattress Set List: Fire Red House Foxey Lady I Don’t Live Today Hear My Train A Comin’ Stone Free Star Spangled Banner Purple Haze Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Jimi Hendrix leads The Experience through a rousing performance at the Philadelphia Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 12, 1969. Photo: Chris Jones / © Authentic Hendrix, LLC

Events Fat Mattress Fire Foxey Lady hear my train a comin' i don't live today philadelphia Purple Haze Red House Spectrum Star Spangled Banner Stone Free Voodoo Child

May 03, 1969

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada With Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys Set List: Fire Hear My Train A Comin’ Spanish Castle Magic Red House Foxey Lady Purple Haze Voodoo Child (Slight Return) The Experience fly to Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario and arrive at 9:30 a.m.. While checking through Canada Customs, one of the bags Hendrix offers to be searched contains what is believed to be an illicit substance. Hendrix is arrested and taken to Police Headquarters in downtown Toronto. He is later released on a $10,000 cash bail and required at a court appearance on May 5. After his release, The Experience book into the Four Seasons Hotel and then head directly to Maple Leaf Gardens where they prepare for an evening performance. Jimi opened his show with greeting, “We want you to forget about today, about yesterday, and about tomorrow. Tonight we’re gonna create a whole new world,” The guitarist then launched into an incendiary rendition of “Fire.” Ritchie Yorke, who reviewed the performance for the May 4 issue of The Globe And Mail, was moved to write, “his guitar became the voice of the Rave New World. It screamed, hissed, and shrieked with the ferocity of a thousand dentist drills plunged into a single tooth.” The evening’s performance also featured a superb version of “Spanish Castle Magic”, complete with touches of both “Third Stone From The Sun” and “Little Miss Lover” interwoven within the song’s extended instrumental break. Jimi also performed a rare, fascinating early live version of “Room Full Of Mirrors”.

Cat Mother Events Fire Foxey Lady hear my train a comin' Purple Haze Red House spanish castle magic The All Night Newsboys Voodoo Child

May 21, 1969

Record Plant, New York Studio Recording 1) Hear My Train A Comin’ 2) Villanova Junction 3) Earth Blues 4) Untitled Blues 5) Jam With Buddy Miles On Guitar 6) Earth Blues 7) Bleeding Heart Jimi returned to the Record Plant to record with Billy Cox, Buddy Miles, and an unnamed conga player. Over the course of this lengthy session, the group cut a superb rendition of the Elmore James blues standard “Bleeding Heart”. This recording was later edited and issued as part of Jimi Hendrix: Blues.

Bleeding Heart Earth Blues hear my train a comin' Jam With Buddy Miles On Guitar Record Plant Recording Untitled Blues Villanova Junction

July 07, 1969

Dick Cavett Show, New York Hendrix made a rare television appearance on The Dick Cavett Show. In addition to an interview, he performed a rendition of “Hear My Train A Comin’ backed by Cavett’s studio band.

Dick Cavett Show hear my train a comin' interview Media

December 31, 1969

Fillmore East, New York Two Shows Prior to their two concerts later that evening, Hendrix and his Band Of Gypsys held an afternoon sound check and rehearsal at the Fillmore East. Later that evening, before a sold out crowd of 2,639, Hendrix rang in the New Year and new decade with two unforgettable performances. The evening’s festivities opened with a spirited set by the Voices Of East Harlem, an enthusiastic young gospel ensemble. With the anticipation of the sold out Fillmore audience heightened to fever pitch, Hendrix led his trio through a scintillating, seventy-five minute opening performance. None of the eleven songs presented had yet to grace an Experience album. In the place of signature songs like “Purple Haze” and “All Along The Watchtower” were confident renditions of “Izabella” and “Hear My Train A Comin’”. At midnight, Kip Cohen, the venue’s master of ceremonies, rang in the new year and decade buffeted by Guy Lombardo’s “Auld Lang Syne”. Never one to be upstaged, Jimi and company greeted the joyous house with their own inspired reading of the holiday staple. For Amalie Rothschild, the Fillmore East’s house photographer, the experience was an unforgettable one. “Then there was the countdown at midnight. It was the countdown that was a real scream. We’re talking about the end of the Sixties. December 31, 1969 turning into January 1, 1970–.A new decade. This was significant. After all, we were living through it and we knew that the Sixties were the Sixties. We had this big countdown on the [Joshua White] light show screen with this big clock 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…and everybody is yelling together. Then the light show screen pulls up and everybody is on stage–all the crew and the musicians. Hendrix, who is now on stage, launches into this amazing rendition of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and I filmed it [excerpts of Rothschild’s color film footage can be seen in the VHS/DVD Band Of Gypsys]. This was history in the making. You could not miss this. His performance was just so inspired. It was just terrific and I can’t find the words to describe it.” The recordings which make up both Band Of Gypsys and its two disc sequel Live At The Fillmore East certainly bear out Rothschild’s remembrances. Jimi’s celebrated work with the Band Of Gypsys stands among his most impressive and lasting achievements. After the show, Ian Dove of Record Mirror interviewed Jimi Hendrix for the January 10, 1970 edition of the British paper. Later that night, Hendrix retreated to The Café Caliph (previously known as The Café Au Go Go) in Greenwich Village where he joined The James Cotton Blues Band on stage for a jam.

Band of Gypsys Events Fillmore East hear my train a comin' Izabella Voices Of East Harlem

February 05, 1970

Juggy Sound, New York Studio Recording In the early morning hours of February 5, Jimi returned to Juggy Sound as mixing sessions for Band Of Gypsys continued. By this stage, final mixes for “Who Knows” and “Machine Gun” had been crafted and set aside. Hendrix had completed the album’s first side and now focused his energies on completing side two. Among the songs mixed by Hendrix and Kramer but not selected for the album were “Stone Free” [1/1/70 2nd Show] and “Hear My Train A Comin’” [12/31/69 1st Show]

Band of Gypsys hear my train a comin' Juggy Sound Machine Gun Recording Stone Free Who Knows

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