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January 04, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Richard Green for the January 14th edition of Record Mirror.

1967 Bromel Club Bromley Court Hotel interview Interviews January January 4 Jimi Hendrix Record Mirror United Kingdom

January 05, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed for a February article in Rave magazine.

1967 Greater London interview Interviews January January 5 Jimi Hendrix London Rave magazine United Kingdom

January 10, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interview by Nick Jones for the January 21st edition of Melody Maker.

1967 34 Montagu Square interview Interviews January January 10 Jimi's Apartment Marylebone United Kingdom

January 19, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Mike Legerwood for the January 28th edition of Disc & Music Echo.

1967 34 Montagu Street City of Westminster interview Interviews January January 19 Jimi's Apartment London Marylebone United Kingdom

January 20, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by John King for the January 28th edition of New Musical Express

1967 48 Gerrard Street Anim Office City of Westminster interview Interviews January January 20 London United Kingdom

January 21, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed for the January 28th edition of Melody Maker.

1967 34 Montagu Street City of Westminster interview January January 21 Jimi's Apartment Live London Marylebone United Kingdom

February 01, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Alan Jones for the February 3rd edition of The Hull Times.

1967 February February 1 Greater London interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix London United Kingdom

February 02, 1967

Following The Experience’s performance, Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Charles Webster for a February 3rd story in The Northern Echo.

1967 Darlington Durham February February 2 Imperial Hotel interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix United Kingdom

February 06, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Steve Barker for an article in Debris, the student newspaper for West One.

1967 34 Montagu Square City of Westminster Debris Mag February february 6 interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Jimi's Apartment London Marylebone Steve Barker United Kingdom

February 09, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed for the February 10th edition of the Bristol Evening Post.

1967 Bristol February February 9 Gloucestershire interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix The Locarno United Kingdom

February 14, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Alain Dister at the Anim management office on Gerrard Street.

1967 48 Gerrard Street Anim Office City of Westminster February February 14 interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix London United Kingdom

February 15, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Kevin Swift for the March issue of Beat Instrumental and the February 25th edition of Record Mirror Jimi is also interviewed by Albert Bokslag and Cees Mentink for the February 25th edition of Kink.

1967 34 Montagu Square City of Westminster February February 15 interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Jimi's Apartment London Marylebone United Kingdom

February 21, 1967

The Experience are interviewed at the Anim management offices for a March 11th issue of New Musical Express.

1967 48 Gerrard Street Anim Office City of Westminster February February 21 interview Interviews London United Kingdom

March 06, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Jan Waldrop for the March 18th issue of Humo.

1967 Belgium Brussels interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix March March 6

March 07, 1967

After returning to Paris, Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Jean Noel Coghe in his hotel room.

1967 France Île-de-France interview Interviews Jean Noel Coghe Jimi Hendrix March March 7 Paris

March 14, 1967

While The Experience are traveling by taxi from Hotel Schiller to Bellevue TV Studios, Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Peter Schreder for Hitweek.

1967 Amsterdam interview Interviews March March 14 Noord-Holland the experience The Netherlands

March 14, 1967

Following their performance on Fanclub, Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Laurie Langenbach for Hitweek

1967 Amsterdam Hitweek Hotel Schiller interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Laurie Langenbach March March 14 Noord-Holland The Netherlands

March 16, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Klaes Borling of Swedish Radio which is broadcast on April 19th.

1967 48 Gerrard Street Anim Office City of Westminster interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Klaes Borling London March March 16 United Kingdom

March 16, 1967

During the Track Records Launch Party, Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Beat Instrumental. Eric Clapton who is also in attendance sits down and joins Hendrix in the interview.

1967 Beat Instrumental City of Westminster Eric Clapton interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix London March March 16 The Speakeasy Track Records Launch Party United Kingdom

March 20, 1967

The Jimi Hendrix Experience are interviewed live on Radio Luxembourg.

1967 Grand Duchy of Luxembourg interview Interviews Luxembourg March March 20 Radio Luxembourg The Jimi Hendrix Experience

March 23, 1967

The Jimi Hendrix Experience are interviewed by Keith Altham for an April 15th article in New Musical Express.

1967 43 Upper Berkeley Street City of Westminster interview Interviews Jimi's Apartment London March March 23 Marylebone The Jimi Hendrix Experience United Kingdom

April 03, 1967

Jimi Hendrix and Chas Chandler are interviewed at their Upper Berkeley Street flat in London. Melody Maker and Disc & Music Echo publish the interviews on April 8th.

1967 43 Upper Berkeley Street April April 3 Chas Chandler City of Westminster Greater London interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Jimi's Apartment Marylebone United Kingdom

April 06, 1967

Following their performance at the Odeon Cinema, Jimi Hendrix is interviewed backstage by Donald Bruce for an April 7th article published in The Dundee Recorder.

1967 April April 6 Glasgow interview Interviews Odeon Cinema Scotland United Kingdom

April 10, 1967

Following their appearance on the BBC’s Monday Monday radio show, Hendrix conducts several press interviews back at his Upper Berkeley Street flat. These interviews are later published in Melody Maker (April 15 with Chris Welch) and in Disc & Music Echo (April 15).One interview by Leif H. Andersson is broadcast on the Swedish radio show Pop 67 med Amerikalisten (April 19).

1967 43 Upper Berkeley Street April April 10 City of Westminster Greater London interview Interviews Jimi's Apartment Marylebone Monday Monday radio show United Kingdom

April 12, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Björn Lundholm for an April 19th feature in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

1967 43 Upper Berkeley Street April April 12 Björn Lundholm City of Westminster Greater London interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Jimi's Apartment Marylebone United Kingdom

April 20, 1967

Following their performance at the ABC Cinema, Jimi Hendrix is interviewed for a feature in the April 21st edition of The Lincolnshire Echo.

1967 ABC Cinema April April 20 interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Lincoln Lincolnshire United Kingdom

April 25, 1967

Chas Chandler is interviewed at the flat he shared with Jimi Hendrix for a feature published in April 29 issue of Disc & Music Echo.

1967 25 43 Upper Berkeley Street April Chas Chandler City of Westminster Disc & Music Echo Greater London interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Jimi's Apartment Marylebone United Kingdom

April 27, 1967

The Jimi Hendrix Experience is interviewed by Steve Mann for a May 5 feature article in The Aldershot News.

1967 ABC Cinema Aldershot April April 27 Hampshire interview Interviews Steve Mann The Aldershot News The Jimi Hendrix Experience United Kingdom

April 30, 1967

Jimi Hendrix and Chas Chandler are interviewed at their shared flat in London, by Ray Jones for the May edition of Beat Instrumental magazine.

1967 43 Upper Berkeley Street April April 30 Beat Instrumental Chas Chandler City of Westminster Greater London interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Jimi's Apartment magazine Marylebone Ray Jones United Kingdom

January 01, 1968

The Experience are interviewed at the BBC Broadcasting House on Portland Place in London.

BBC Broadcasting House interview Interviews London Portland Place the experience

January 03, 1968

The band flies to Gothenburg, Sweden. Gosta Hansson interviews Hendrix for Goteborgs-Tidningen. The interview is published the following day. The Experience visit the Klubb Karl in Gothenburg.

Gosta Hansson Gothenburg interview Interviews oteborgs-Tidningen Sweden the experience

January 05, 1968

Hendrix is interviewed for a January 6 Expressen story. Along with Mecki Mark Men and Baby Grandmothers, The Experience play the Sportshallen. Because of a sore throat, the band plays for only 35 minutes.

Baby Grandmothers Expressen interview Interviews Mecki Mark Men Sportshallen

January 06, 1968

The band flies to Copenhagen, where they are recorded for TV and interviewed by Carsten Grolin for Ekstra Bladet. The interview is published January 8.

Carsten Grolin Copenhagen Ekstra Bladet interview Interviews

January 11, 1968

Hendrix is interviewed for a January 12 Expressen story.

Expressen interview Interviews

January 23, 1968

Richard Robinson interviews Hendrix and Noel Redding for Hullabaloo at the Upper Berkeley Street flat. The interview is published in May.

Hullabaloo interview Interviews Noel Redding Richard Robinson Upper Berkeley Street

January 27, 1968

Hendrix is interviewed by Hugh Nolan for a February 17 Disc & Music Echo feature. Hendrix wins the publication’s award for “Top World Musician.”

Disc & Music Echo Hugh Nolan interview Interviews

January 30, 1968

The Experience fly to New York, where they hold a news conference at the Pan Am Building’s Copter Club. Hendrix is interviewed by Jay Ruby for Jazz and Pop (July 1968); Michael Rosenbaum for Crawdaddy (May 1968); Don Paulsen for Hit Parader (July 1968); Al Aronowitz for the New York Post (February 2); and Life magazine (April 1).

Crawdaddy interview Interviews Jay Ruby Jazz and Pop Michael Rosenbaum Pan Am Building’s Copter Club the experience

February 02, 1968

February 2, 1968 Noel Redding completes an interview for the In Sound radio program. The program is hosted by Harry Harrison. The band remains in San Francisco but moves from the Fillmore East to perform two shows at the Winterland Ballroom.

1968 February 2 Fillmore East Harry Harrison in sound radio program interview Interviews Noel Redding San Francisco the band Winterland Ballroom

February 20, 1968

Jules Freemond interviews The Experience for the East Village Other. The interview is published March 8.

1968 February February 20 interview Interviews jules freemond march 8 the east village other

February 22, 1968

Buck Walmsley interviews Hendrix for the Chicago Daily News. The interview is published two days later.

Buck Walmsley chicago daily news interview Interviews

March 05, 1968

Melody Maker’s Frank Simpson interviews Hendrix for a March 16 piece.

Frank Simpson interview Interviews Melody Maker

March 15, 1968

Here’s the voice of Experience — Jimi Hendrix – Jane Scott They’re hotter than a Hullabaloo at high noon in Haiti. And it’s only 11 more days (count ’em!) until the big Experience at Public Music Hall. So what will the Jimi Hendrix Experience play at the two WKYC whambangs on March 12? They never know, Jimi admitted in a telephone interview from New York. “SEE, WE get out there and someone says ‘What shall we do”’ and then somehow we do it,” said bass-guitar player Noel Redding, 22. That should go down somewhere as the understatement of ’68. Jimi was voted the world’s top pop musician in Britain’s anual Melody Makers Poll this fall. The trio’s Reprise LP “Axis: Bold as Love” whipped up 116 places on the charts in one week. It’s No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot LP list now. Their first show here sold out in one hour and 45 minutes and the second is a sell-out, too. WELL, YES, they’re a little controversial. Jimi has been known to smash his guitar to smithereens, play it on his stomach or even with his teeth. The San Francisco Daughters of the American Revolution blocked the trio’s appearance with the Monkees last year. And that hair! “They seem to be singing their way to an electrocution,” wrote a Newsweek reporter. Does look a little like old scared Shredded Wheat. “Mine is only to my shoulders so I’m letting it grow,” said Noel. “It’s sort of curly and it kind of sticks out. I have to wash it every other day.” RIGHT now they all have moustaches, but may shave them before Cleveland day. “Right now I’m wearing red boots, pink trousers, a ruffly shirt and a yellow jacket,” reported Noel. “And Jim, he’s over there in green trousers and a blue ruffled shirt and a big black hat with a feather that’s broke off at the top.” The Experience were having their pictures taken for a magazine. But Newsweek hasn’t heard the half of it. “THE OTHER night after our Washington show Mitch (Mitch Mitchell the drummer) poked his head in my room and said he thought he’d like to go to London and we haven’t seen him since,” said Noel. (Mitch is due back today, though.) You know the scoop. Noel and Mitch are 22 and 21-year-old Englishmen and Jimi is a Seattle native, 22, who made it big in Britain. Why do they call themselves the Experience? “Because good, bad or indifferent, it’s an experience.” said Jimi. NOW ABOUT that first name. “My grandmother spelled it that way,” he answered. Jimi, born Nov. 27, 1945, had two big breaks, one of them good. The first was a back injury after a parachute jump that closed his military career at 16. The second was a drop-in visit from Chas Chandler of the Animals at his gig with a combo in the Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village. Chandler talked Hendrix into heading for England. “And that’s where I met him,” said Noel. I came down to audition for the Animals and this guy comes up and asked me if I could play bass. I said ‘I’ll have it a try,’ and I was in.” ONE MONTH later the Jimi Hendrix Experience played their first gig in Paris and the rest is history. You know about their smash success at the Monterey Internationa] Pop Festival in June. Noel, born in Folkstone, Kent on Dec. 25, 1945, started out on the violin at 13, studied art a year at an art college. “Modern art, it was. Lost my touch a bit now, but I could always go back someday,” he said. He borrowed that money for the historic audition. The other member, Mitch, had a fiery career before becoming “Experienced.” He began training in dancing and acting at age three, did TV commercials at 10 and traveled around the world a year with Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames. Mitch was also a demand drummer on London recording sessions and played in the orchestra of Britian’s TV show, “Ready, Steady, Go.” MITCH WAS born in London on July 9, 1946. “We all live in London now, but were kind of elusive about where,” said Noel. How would THEY describe a Jimi Hendrix Experience? “I don’t know. We’re wild, I guess. And free. We just play what we want. We’re just us. Well, I’d guess you’d say we’re spontaneous. Once I fell off a stage, in Milwaukee. I got a big scratch on me leg. It’s still there,” said Noel. NOEL DIGS Ray Charles, the Beatles, the small Faces, the Traffic. (“You haven’t heard about them? You will!”) and the Move. Speaking of moves, traveling has kept them from getting married. “Mitch was engaged last year but it broke off. Not enough time,” Noel said. Noel would consider the rings and rice bit in maybe three years. “American girls” They’re different but I can’t tell you how,” he said. The group hopes to have their third album out by May. Noel did three songs on it, but the majority was written by Jimi. “I LIKE the softer songs, like ‘Burn the Midnight Lamp,’ ” said Jimi. That’s on the next album. And this top trio click in off hours, too. Cameras, that is. Mitch has a Nikon. Noel has a Yashica and a movie camera and Jimi has everything from a Polaroid to a Reflex. But Jimi Hendrix had his biggest experience Feb. 33. He went back to Seattle. Back to Garfield High where he’d dropped out when he was 16. And got an honorary diploma. Incidentally, this was one performance where teens didn’t have to have tickets. The principal dismissed the first hour classes to hear him.

Experience live interview Jane Scott Jimi Media Mitch Noel

March 26, 1968

Hendrix and Redding are interviewed on-air by Chuck Dunaway at WKYC in Cleveland. They also answer questions from callers. Hendrix, known for his love of fast cars, buys a blue Corvette Stingray at Blaushild’s Chevrolet in Cleveland. In an interview with John McDermott, Leon Dicker (attorney & US representative for Yameta, the Animals’ parent company), recalls “I knew he [Jimi] didn’t have a driver’s license… He drove it once – down a one-way street. He was cited for that, as well as not having a driving license. The next day, Hendrix left for Indiana, and [Michael] Jeffery had the car shipped to New York.” That night, the band plays two shows at The Public Music Hall. The first show includes: “Foxey Lady,” “Catfish Blues,” “Hey Joe,” “Purple Haze,” and “Wild Thing.” The second performance featured: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Fire,” “I Don’t Live Today,” “Red House,” “Foxey Lady,” “Spanish Castle Magic,” “Manic Depression,” “Purple Haze,” and “Wild Thing.” Redding recalls the evening was marred by “a very real bomb scare at the hall,” which reportedly delayed the second show for a while. Hendrix is interviewed by Dick Wootten for The Cleveland Press (March 27); The Plain Dealer Sunday Magazine (April 28); and Bruno Bornino for The Cleveland Press (March 29). During the interview with Bornino, Hendrix gives him a string of love beads.

Chuck Dunaway Cleveland Dick Wootten interview Interviews WKYC

April 13, 1968

Peter Goodman of Beat Instrumental conducts a phone interview with Hendrix. The interview is published in May.

Beat Instrumental Hendrix interview Interviews Peter Goodman

April 15, 1968

Derek Boltwood interviews Hendrix for Record Mirror. The story is published the following month.

Derek Boltwood Hendrix interview Interviews Record Mirror

July 08, 1968

Melody Maker’s Alan Walsh interviews Jimi Hendrix at his manager’s (Anim), Gerrard Street office for a July 20th feature. In the interview, Hendrix makes references to the hectic recording schedule of the past, saying, “I felt we were becoming the American version of Dave Dee – nothing wrong with that, but its just not our scene. We decided we had to end that scene and get into our own thing. I was tired after of the attitude of fans they’ve bought you a house and a car and now expect you to work the way they want you to for the rest of your life. Buy we couldn’t just say, screw them, because they have their rights, too, so we decided the best way was to just cool the recording scene until we were ready with something that we wanted everyone to hear. I want people to hear us, what we’re doin’ now and try to appreciate what we’re at.”

Gerrard Street interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Melody Maker

July 22, 1968

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed by Black Music for a feature article to be run in a 1969 issue.

Black Music interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix

September 02, 1968

Hendrix is interviewed and filmed by a local Denver based DJ for an upcoming PBS show. Hendrix writes a poem entitled, “Letter to the Room Full Of Mirrors” while at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Denver. It was also at this time that Hendrix wrote to intricate design notes for the cover of the Electric Ladyland album

Denver interview Interviews Letter to the Room Full Of Mirrors

September 08, 1968

The Experience travels to Spokane, Washington where John Bates interviews Hendrix for the September 9 issue of The Spokane Daily Chronicle. The group later performs at the Coliseum with support from Vanilla Fudge, Eire Apparent, and Soft Machine. The Experience’s performance includes “Foxey Lady,” “Little Wing,” “Red House,” and “Fire” among others.

interview Interviews John Bates Spokane the experience washington

November 09, 1968

Margaret Robin interviews Jimi Hendrix and Noel Redding for Black Music magazine.

Black Music magazine interview Interviews Jimi Hendrix Margaret Robin Noel Redding

November 29, 1968

Noel Redding is interviewed by Donna Lawson for the January 1969 issue of Eye magazine.

Donna Lawson Eye magazine interview Interviews Noel Redding

January 03, 1969

Jimi sits for an interview with reporter Jon King at his London apartment on Brook Street.

1969 apartment Brook Street interview Interviews January 3 Jimi Jimi Hendrix Jon King London

January 07, 1969

January 7, 1969 Brook Street London, England Jimi, Mitch, and Noel sit for an interview with Hugh Curry of the Canadian Broadcasting Company. The interview is later premiered as part of the CBC program Through The Eyes Of Tomorrow.

and Noel Brook Street Canadian Broadcasting Company England Hugh Curry interview Interviews Jimi London Mitch

January 08, 1969

London, England Jimi grants an interview to Keith Altham that will be broadcast on the January 18 BBC Radio program Seen And Heard. Jimi then leaves to fly to Gothenburg, Sweden. Lorensberg Circus Gothenburg, Sweden Two Shows with Gin House Blues and Burning Red Ivanhoe 1st Show: Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Foxey Lady Sunshine Of Your Love I Don’t Live Today Hear My Train A Comin’ Spanish Castle Magic Purple Haze Star Spangled Banner

England Foxey Lady hear my train a comin' i don't live today interview Keith Altham Live London Purple Haze spanish castle magic Star Spangled Banner sunshine of your love Voodoo Child

March 10, 1969

Jane de Mendelssohn interviews Jimi Hendrix at his Brook Street flat for the March 28 issue of International Times.

Brook Street interview Interviews Jane de Mendelssohn Jimi Hendrix

May 01, 1969

Freelance journalist, Sharon Lawrence interviews Jimi Hendrix in his room at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

interview Interviews Sharon Lawrence

July 07, 1969

Dick Cavett Show, New York Hendrix made a rare television appearance on The Dick Cavett Show. In addition to an interview, he performed a rendition of “Hear My Train A Comin’ backed by Cavett’s studio band.

Dick Cavett Show hear my train a comin' interview Media

December 11, 1969

Bob Dawbarn of Melody Maker interviewed Jimi by telephone for the December 20th edition of the famed British music weekly. In the interview Hendrix alluded to the reformation of the original Experience band. “I’ve been thinking about that for a long time. All I’m waiting for is for Noel and Mitch to make up their minds and we can get everything fixed. I saw Noel at the Fillmore and I think everything is working out fine with him. Now I am looking forward to seeing Mitch. He has been over there in England getting himself together.” Jimi also provided Dawbarn with some insights about the new music that he had been developing. “I’ve been writing a whole lot of things,” Jimi replied. In fact, we’ve got enough material now for another two LPs. We are trying to decide what to release and at what time. We’ve started recording and you should be receiving a single around the end of January. The title? It should be either ‘Trying To Be A Man [sic]’ or ‘Room Full Of Mirrors.’”

Bob Dawbarn interview Interviews Melody Maker

January 02, 1970

Alfred Aronowitz of The New York Post had interviewed Hendrix at the Fillmore East the previous day and his article was published in the January 2, 1970 edition. “Jimi had chosen the New Year, and as he put it, the new decade to unveil his new trio… What’s the reason for the change? ‘Earth, man, earth,’ Jimi said. With his old group, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, the music has been too far out in space. ‘Now I want to bring it down to earth,’ Jimi said. ‘I want to get back to the blues, because that’s what I am.’ The new group has a new repertoire, but during his first set last night, Jimi was still waving his freak flag.” “There had been plans for Jimi to go back on tour with The Experience accompanied once again by Mitch Mitchell on drums and Noel Redding on bass, but after the show Jimi had changed his mind. ‘With Mitch, maybe, but not with Noel, for sure.’ He said. ‘That’s another thing. This is more of a real thing. We’re trying to get it on its feet. We’re waiting for Stevie Winwood. If I can get a hold of him and he agrees to it, that’ll be another voice. We’ll have harmony for days.’ The name of Jimi’s new group, incidentally, is A Band Of Gypsys. ‘That’s what we are,’ said Buddy. ‘That’s what all musicians are, Gypsies.’

Alfred Aronowitz Fillmore East interview Interviews The New York Post

February 04, 1970

Under the watchful eye of manager, Michael Jeffery Rolling Stone’s John Burks was invited to Jeffery’s office on West 37th Street in New York to interview Hendrix, Mitchell and Redding (whom was recently brought in from England), in a carefully controlled environment. Wanting the trio to appear as a united force that was to again be known as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Jeffrey pressed to get positive press coverage in the pages of Rolling Stone.

During the interview Hendrix is asked several questions about his evolving music direction where he eludes to expanded musical offerings. Have you given any thought to touring with the Experience as the basic unit, but bringing along other people? Or would that be too confusing?

No, it shouldn’t be. Maybe I’m the evil one, right [laughs]. But there isn’t any reason for it to be like that. I even want the name to be Experience anyway, and still be this mish-mash moosh-mash between Madame Flipflop And Her Harmonite Social Workers.

It’s a nice name.

It’s a nice game. No, like about putting other groups on the tour, like our friends – I don’t know about that right now; not at a stage like this, because we’re in the process of getting our own thing together as far as a three piece group. But eventually, we have time on the side to play with friends. That’s why I’ll probably be jamming with Buddy [Miles] and Billy [Cox]; probably be recording, too, on the side, and they’ll be doing the same.

Do you every think in terms of going out with a dozen people?

I like Stevie Winwood; he’s one of those dozen people. But things don’t have to be official all the time. Things don’t have to be formal for jams and stuff. But I haven’t had a chance to get in contact with him.”

With Hendrix’s growing interest in Steve Winwood and a growing relationship with Billy Cox, it was clear in Hendrix’s mind that the original Experience group would never reform – he was right.

1970 February 4 interview Interviews John Burks Michael Jeffery Rolling Stone

March 16, 1970

Petticoat’s Keith Altham interviews Hendrix for a May 30th piece where Jimi talks about his voice. “Singing… I used to be embarrassed by my voice. We drowned it on the first few albums I made, but then I realized I was judging it by the wrong yardstick. Dylan has a lousy voice technically, but it is good because he sings things he believes in. True feelings are really the only qualities worth listening for in a voice.” Jimi also entered into discussions with Emerson, Lake & Palmer about a possible joint tour in the future.

interview interview about voice Interviews Keith Altham Petticoat

August 27, 1970

Jimi Hendrix travels from New York to London, England with Eric Barrett. Upon his arrival in London, Jimi is interviewed by The Times for a September 1 feature.

Eric Barrett interview Interviews London new york

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