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January 01, 1970

Jimi Hendrix jams — on bass — with the band Tomorrow, featuring Steve Howe (guitar), John Adler (drums) and Keith West (vocals). (Tomorrow band)

1967 April April 28 Band Blarney Club City of London jam session Jimi Hendrix John Adler Keith West London Steve Howe Tomorrow UFO Club United Kingdom

February 14, 1967

Following their gig at The Civic Hall in Essex, The Experience attend the “Valentine’s Day Massacre” at The Speakeasy. While at The Speakeasy, Jimi Hendrix jams with Skip Allen, drummer for The Pretty Things.

1967 Band City of Westminster February February 14 jam session London the experience The Speakeasy United Kingdom Valentine's Day Massacre

April 13, 1967

Following their evening performance at Gaumont Cinema, Jimi Hendrix jams with The Californians at The Kingfisher Club in Wall Heath.

1967 April April 13 jam session Jimi Hendrix Staffordshire Stories The Californians The Kingfisher Country Club United Kingdom Wall Heath

April 18, 1967

Jimi Hendrix (playing bass guitar) reportedly jams with Ben E. King and Georgie Fame at The Speakeasy in London.

1967 April April 18 Ben E. King City of Westminster Georgie Fame jam session Jimi Hendrix London Stories The Speakeasy United Kingdom

April 16, 1969

The Scene, New York Jam Session According to Noel Redding, Hendrix and Mitchell joined him for an evening of jamming at the Scene nightclub, a favorite spot of the group.

Band Hendrix jam session Mitchell new york Noel Redding The Scene

May 13, 1969

Record Plant, New York Studio Recording 1) Keep On Groovin’ 2) Jam Session 3) Solo Demos A long evening dedicated solely to jamming. Jimi was joined by bassist Billy Cox, organist Sharon Layne, an unnamed percussionist, and a second guitarist known only as Sean.

billy cox jam session Keep On Groovin Recording Sharon Layne Solo Demos

January 01, 1970

Ungano’s New York, N.Y. Joined by Elvin Bishop, Buddy Miles and others, Hendrix took part in a jam session at Ungano’s nightclub (210 West 70th Street, New York City). Sacha Reins, a writer for French entertainment magazine Best (Issue 39) who just happened to be in the club during the event, later wrote about the evening. “It is beginning to get quite late, and I tell myself that I have to go. I look to the door and get a big shock. Jimi is there with a black guitar in his hand. Buddy Miles follows him. He shakes the hand of the boss, and I hear him asking if he doesn’t mind them playing a bit. The three telephone booths near the entrance are immediately occupied. We all want to tell a friend that nice things are about to happen. Less than an hour later the club is full. Jimi is onstage and Buddy is looking for a drum stool big enough to support his enormous weight. “A very young guitar player who has been playing for half an hour wants to leave. He doesn’t want to play anymore. Jimi stops him and asks him if they can play together. They try out a rather quick number and Jimi intentionally stays in the background. He waits until the young guitarist regains his confidence. Then he takes his turn. He plays short phrases with long silence intermissions during which one only hears the strong and regular pulsations of Buddy Miles. The silences become shorter and shorter. The phrases are less and less chopped up; they become enchained, stupefying. Jimi had found his groove and under his fingers the strings tell us strange stories that we don’t fully comprehend.”

Buddy Miles Elvin Bishop Events jam session Ungano

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