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July 14, 1968

Eric Barrett and Keith Altham join Noel Redding on a flight from London to Terrino, Spain for a few days of relaxation.

Eric Barrett Keith Altham Noel Redding Personal Spain Terrino

January 08, 1969

London, England Jimi grants an interview to Keith Altham that will be broadcast on the January 18 BBC Radio program Seen And Heard. Jimi then leaves to fly to Gothenburg, Sweden. Lorensberg Circus Gothenburg, Sweden Two Shows with Gin House Blues and Burning Red Ivanhoe 1st Show: Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Foxey Lady Sunshine Of Your Love I Don’t Live Today Hear My Train A Comin’ Spanish Castle Magic Purple Haze Star Spangled Banner

England Foxey Lady hear my train a comin' i don't live today interview Keith Altham Live London Purple Haze spanish castle magic Star Spangled Banner sunshine of your love Voodoo Child

March 16, 1970

Petticoat’s Keith Altham interviews Hendrix for a May 30th piece where Jimi talks about his voice. “Singing… I used to be embarrassed by my voice. We drowned it on the first few albums I made, but then I realized I was judging it by the wrong yardstick. Dylan has a lousy voice technically, but it is good because he sings things he believes in. True feelings are really the only qualities worth listening for in a voice.” Jimi also entered into discussions with Emerson, Lake & Palmer about a possible joint tour in the future.

interview interview about voice Interviews Keith Altham Petticoat

April 15, 1970

Keith Altham of Melody Maker interviewed Jimi at his New York apartment for a May 9 article. Portions of the interview also accompanied Altham’s article in the July 4 issue of Petticoat.

Keith Altham Media Melody Maker Petticoat