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January 29, 1967

The Experience perform two shows at the Saville Theatre in London with support from The Who, The Koobas, Thoughts and MC Mike Quinn. Portions of this concert are filmed by Peter Clifton and appear in his 1969 feature film Popcorn and in his 1973 documentary, Sound Of The City: London 1964-73, which is also routinely referred to as Superstars In Concert and as Rock City. Portions of The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s performance are incorporated in the music video for the song, “Hey Joe.” That film also presents film footage shot by Tommy Weber during The Experience’s December 22, 1967 appearance on the Christmas On Earth Continued event. The original “Hey Joe” promotional film was included on the DVD release of Experience: Jimi Hendrix.
Set List: (partial) Rock Me Baby // Like A Rolling Stone // Can You See Me // Hey Joe // Wild Thing

1967 Greater London January January 29 Live live performance London Herald MC Mike Quinn Saville Theatre The Koobas The Who Thoughts United Kingdom

January 31, 1967

The Experience return to the Saville Theatre with filmmaker Peter Clifton to film additional footage of The Experience performing “Hey Joe.” This color film footage is later interspersed with the black & white footage shot during The Experience’s live concerts from January 29th and included in Clifton’s films Superstars In Concert and Popcorn, plus mixed together with a studio recording of “Hey Joe” for the song’s promotional music video.

1967 Greater London January January 31 London Media Promotional Film Saville Theatre United Kingdom

February 05, 1967

Jimi Hendrix attends The Cream concert at the Saville Theatre.

1967 Appearance City of Westminster February February 5 London Media Saville Theatre United Kingdom