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February 28, 1968

The Experience and Soft Machine play two shows at The Scene Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

1968 Events february 28 Milwaukee Soft Machine the experience the scene club Wisconsin

March 01, 1968

Jimi Hendrix, along with Noel Redding, spends the evening at The Scene Club in New York City.

Jimi Hendrix New York City Noel Redding Personal the scene club

March 04, 1968

Redding and Mitch Mitchell fly to Nassau (The Bahamas), while Hendrix returns to New York. In the evening, he jams with Eric Clapton at The Scene Club.

Band Eric Clapton Mitch Mitchell Redding the scene club

March 06, 1968

Mitchell and Redding return to New York. Hendrix jams with The Hollies at The Scene Club.

Mitchell Personal Redding The Hollies the scene club

March 07, 1968

Hendrix and friends, including The Doors’ Jim Morrison jam at The Scene Club (301 West 46th Street) in New York. Among the songs performed are “Red House,” “I’m Gonna Leave This Town,” “Bleeding Heart,” “Tomorrow Never Knows,” and “Sunshine Of Your Love.” As Hendrix breaks in the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” Morrison falls to the floor and begins moaning obscenities into the microphone.

Bleeding Heart I’m Gonna Leave This Town Jim Morrison Live Red House sunshine of your love The Doors the scene club Tomorrow Never Knows

March 14, 1968

Hendrix attends a reception for Soft Machine at The Scene Club.

Personal reception Soft Machine the scene club

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