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June 01, 1968

The Experience fly from Zurich, Switzerland to London, England.

England London Personal Switzerland Zurich

June 04, 1968

The Experience rehearse for their upcoming recordings for Dusty Springfield’s television program, It Must Be Dusty at ITV Television Studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

Borehamwood Dusty Springfield Hertfordshire It Must Be Dusty ITV Television Studios Recording

June 05, 1968

A live recording session for It Must Be Dusty take place at ITV, Elstree Studios, Studio D in Borehamwood. Included in the recordings are “Stone Free,” “Mockingbird” (with both Hendrix and Springfield on vocals), and “Voodoo Child (Slight Return).” The 15-minutes of recordings are later broadcast on July 12, 1968.

Borehamwood Elstree Studios It Must Be Dusty Media Studio D

June 07, 1968

Hendrix, Mitchell and Redding travel from London to New York City.

Hendrix Mitchell Personal Redding

June 08, 1968

Hendrix jams with the Electric Flag at the Fillmore East in New York.

Electric Flag Fillmore East Live new york

June 10, 1968

Buddy Miles, Mike Finnigan, Larry Faucette and Freddy Smith joined Hendrix in New York City’s Record Plant studios to record “Rainy Day, Dream Away.” Additional jams were also recorded in the studio, but are merely labeled on the surviving tape box as “Blow.” Hendrix also completes a series of overdubs and mixes for “Voodoo Chile,” “House Burning Down,” and “1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be).” Also present in the studio on this date is Velvert Turner.

Buddy Miles Freddy Smith Record Plant Larry Faucette Mike Finnigan Recording

June 11, 1968

It is unknown to what extent any studio efforts on this date had as no multitrack masters or tape copies are known to exist. However, the master list of tape boxes from the Record Plant sesssions refers to a track titled, “Inside Out” as having been recorded on this date. It has been reported that Buddy Miles, Jack Bruce and Jim McCarty may have joined Hendrix in the studio on this date.

Buddy Miles Jack Bruce Record Plant Recording

June 12, 1968

Redding and Mitchell travel to Majorca, Spain with Kathy Etchingham, Angie Burdon, Gerry Stickles, and Neil Landon.

Angie Burdon Gerry Stickles Kathy Etchingham Majorca Mitchell Neil Landon Personal Redding Spain

June 13, 1968

Jeff Beck joins Hendrix in a charity jam session at Reality House Rehabilitation Center in New York City.

charity Jeff Beck Live New York City Reality House Rehabilitation Center

June 15, 1968

Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton join Hendrix during a jam session at the Scene Club, New York.

Eric Clapton Jeff Beck Live new york Scene Club

June 16, 1968

Jimi and Jeff Beck jam at the Daytop Music Festival on Staten Island, New York and again, later that night, at the Scene Club in New York.

Daytop Music Festival Jeff Beck Live new york Staten Island

June 17, 1968

A series of overdubs and remixes of “Gypsys Eyes” are completed with Eddie Kramer at the Record Plant.

eddie kramer Gypsys Eyes Record Plant Recording

June 22, 1968

Fusion guitarist, Larry Coryell jams with Hendrix at the Scene Club.

Larry Coryell Live Scene Club

June 28, 1968

The final mixes for “Rainy Day, Dream Away” are prepared are the Record Plant. It is decided that two separate songs can be created from this one recording – resulting in the original track being split into “Rainy Day, Dream Away” and “Still Raining, Still Dreaming.” Hendrix attends the Soul Together – the Martin Luther King Memorial Concert at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. Jimi donates $5,000 to the memorial fund.

Dream Away Rainy Day Rainy Day Dream Away Record Plant Recording Still Dreaming Still Raining

June 29, 1968

Progress is made during the mixing of, “At Last … The Beginning,” which later becomes “…And The Gods Made Love” during this session at the Record Plant.

And The Gods Made Love At Last … The Beginning Record Plant Recording

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