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March 03, 1969

London’s Daily Telegraph conducts a photo shoot with Hendrix at his Brook Street flat. Elsewhere, Mitch Mitchell was interviewed for Issue 19 of Oz .

Brook Street London’s Daily Telegraph Media

March 05, 1969

Valerie Mabbs of Record Mirror interviews Hendrix at his Brook Street apartment for the March 15th issue.

Interviews Record Mirror Valerie Mabbs

March 06, 1969

John Grant interviews Hendrix for the March 15th issue of New Musical Express. That evening Hendrix joins Billy Preston during a jam session at The Speakeasy.

Interviews John Grant New Musical Express

March 07, 1969

Hendrix visits Noel Redding at Olympic Studios during a recording session for Fat Mattress. Later that evening, Jimi Hendrix travels to Ronnie Scott’s to enjoy an evening of performances by Roland Kirk & His Quartet.

Fat Mattress Noel Redding Olympic Studios Personal

March 08, 1969

Hendrix returns to Ronnie Scott’s Club to watch another night of performances by Roland Kirk. It has been reported but not confirmed that Hendrix joined Kirk on stage for an extended jam session.

Personal Roland Kirk Ronnie Scott’s Club

March 09, 1969

Jimi Hendrix once again reportedly joins Roland Kirk for a jam session at Ronnie Scott’s Club. Afterwards, Kirk visits Hendrix’s Brook Street flat.

Personal Roland Kirk Ronnie Scott’s Club

March 10, 1969

Jane de Mendelssohn interviews Jimi Hendrix at his Brook Street flat for the March 28 issue of International Times.

Brook Street interview Interviews Jane de Mendelssohn Jimi Hendrix

March 12, 1969

Alan Smith of New Musical Express interviews the Experience at Hendrix’s Brook Street flat. The interview appears in the April 19 issue of the paper. The Experience would also grant an interview to Ray Coleman for the March 22 issue of Disc & Music.

Alan Smith Experience Interviews

March 13, 1969

Hendrix flies from London’s Heathrow International Airport to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. Back in New York, Hendrix checks into the Pierre Hotel on 5th Avenue.

Heathrow International Airport new york Personal

March 18, 1969

Record Plant New York, N.Y. Star Spangled Banner Hey Gypsy Boy Jimi Hendrix records “Star Spangled Banner” and “Gypsy Boy” at the Record Plant. “Star Spangled Banner” was included as part of the Jimi Hendrix Experience box set.

Hey Gypsy Boy new york Record Plant Recording Star Spangled Banner

March 21, 1969

Buddah Records in England release “Rock’n’Roll Band” backed with “Yes I Need Someone,” the debut single by Eire Apparent.

Buddah Records Releases Rock’n’Roll Band

March 22, 1969

The March 22 edition of Billboard magazine’s “International News Reports” headlines Hendrix Wins Paris Fest’s Pop Prize. The headline refers to Hendrix Billboard’s 1968 Artist of the Year as the recipient of the Popular Music Prize in the 1969 Academie Charles Cros Awards at the Festival du Son held at the Palais d’Orsay in Paris, France. The Jimi Hendrix Experience is named both the #2 Duo & Group and #2 Artist overall in Billboard’s March 22, Campus Attractions supplement. The honor marks The Experience as being the second best selling group based on reports from college book and record stores throughout the United States between March 1968 and February 1969. On both charts, The Experience were second only to Simon & Garfunkel.

Academie Charles Cros Awards Billboard magazine international News Reports Paris Fest Stories

March 25, 1969

Record Plant New York, N.Y. Jam With John McLaughlin Jam With Jim McCarty John McLaughlin, Jim McCarty, Buddy Miles, and Dave Holland join Jimi Hendrix at the Record Plant.

Band Buddy Miles Jim McCarty John McLaughlin new york Record Plant

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